Pool heating = extended bathing season.

Do you know the feeling that lowering yourself slowly into the warm water of half a cold December day. The water surrounds you and a wonderful feeling of well-being shower through the body.

Facts about pool heat pumps:

  • Extend the bathing season with a heat pump
  • Heat exchanger titanium. 5 year warranty on the heat exchanger.
  • Very economical in operation even if compared to heating using gas, oil or electric heating element.
  • The heat pump can deliver almost up to 5 times as much heat as an electric heating element, for the same money. For 1 KW power you get 4.82 KW heat. Even at 10 degrees providing the heat pump 4 times as much heat.
  • Simple and fast installation (also on existing pools)
  • The heat pump is fully automatic. After setting the thermostat does the heat pump rest.
  • The heat pump must be outdoors.
  • Available in various sizes
  • It is recommended to use the pool cover when using heat pumps to reduce heat loss at night.

But what is a heat pump?

A heat pump utilizes the energy that is in the air to heat the water in the pool with. A heat pump works like a refrigerator – only in reverse. It is a cheap form of heating that is also environmentally and climate-friendly (reducing CO2 emissions).

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