Heat pump / air conditioning = heating or cooling

A heat pump works in principle like a refrigerator

but instead of utilizing the cold, utilizes the heat. The system consists of two parts, an outdoor unit and indoor unit. The heat pump outdoor unit extracts heat from the air and sends it into the home where the indoor unit distributes the heat. The system works all year round, although the air temperature reaches right down to minus 15 degrees, there are still natural warmth in the air, the heat pump can exploit.

Conversely, the heat pump can be reversed so that it acts as an air conditioner, delivering cool air during the hot summer months.

Air conditioning equals cooling and dehumidification of the air in a room

The desire to cool the air to comfortable temperatures goes way back in history. The ancient Romans let the water run down the inside channels in the walls, in order to cool the rooms in the warm periods. Since then development as we know, been rapid, and today it is possible to get a TOSHIBA systems with the following features:

  • cooling
  • Heating
  • Dehumidification
  • air circulation
  • Purification of the air
  • low noise level
  • Power consumption in Energy Class A
  • ISO 14001 environmental certification


The compressor in the system consumes power, but compared to a conventional electric heater, is typically up to 5 times as much heat. In other words, a very energy-friendly energy source that helps to reduce CO2 emissions, while saving you money.

TOSHIBA models

We negotiate obviously also a variety of other models such. ductwork and ceiling and floor models. If in doubt about which system suits your needs, we will like to drive by and give our non-binding bids for a solution.

You are of course always welcome to contact us with any questions or price inquiries.